Events are an effective and engaging way for Crossing Borders to inform individuals about the refugee crisis in China and to meet in person with our supporters.

Crossing Borders also has staff prepared to share about the North Korean refugee crisis in China and our work overseas. Invite us speak in your workplace, campus, or church!



An engaging way to facilitate interest and engagement in learning about North Korea is by organizing a film-showing in your local community. Documented, visual records of human rights violations and government oppression within North Korea, as well as bearing witness to the struggles of refugees escaping the regime can help individuals understand the need in China for Christ’s compassion. Below are a couple of examples:

1. “Crossing,” Kim Tae-hyun (2008).

2. “Secret State of North Korea,” Frontline (2014).


Organizing a small meal or meeting with peers or church members can open up opportunities to inform those around you about Crossing Borders. Such events may also open up the opportunity to share what moved you to volunteer in our work.


Reading together with friends or colleagues can help your community learn more about the need in North Korea and China. Introducing this opportunity to people who are unfamiliar with the topic can also be an informative way to involve them in Crossing Borders’ mission. Below are a few examples:

1. “Escaping North Korea: Defiance and Hope in the World’s Most Repressive Country,” by Mike Kim, Co-Founder and board member of Crossing Borders.

2. “The Great North Korean Famine,” by Books by Andrew S. Natsios, professor at the Bush School of Politics, former Vice President at World Vision.

3. “Nothing to Envy,” by Barbara Demick, Beijing Bureau Chief at the Los Angeles Times.

4. “Escape from North Korea,” by Melanie Kirkpatrick, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, former Wall Street Journal columnist.


One of the ways that some active supporters have raised awareness and funds for Crossing Borders is by running marathons representing our organization. If possible, we would also encourage you to put together physically active events that allow others to participate in our work in the United States.

Email us if you are interested in supporting us through sports events!