Crossing Borders’ immediate needs for prayer are:

North Koreans in North Korea and in China

  • Suffering and starvation in North Korea
  • Those in North Korean prison camps facing death and oppression
  • Refugees in China seeking safety and hope for life

Crossing Borders missionaries overseas and staff in the United States

  • Love and wisdom for our missionaries and staff serving North Korean refugees

The Church – In North Korea, China, the United States

  • The underground Church in North Korea and its persecuted believers
  • The Church in China, for believers of Christ to help fleeing North Korean refugees
  • For the global Church to to respond to the needs of North Koreans around the world

You can learn about the different prayer needs of Crossing Borders through our ongoing blog.

Below is also a downloadable link for Crossing Borders’ prayer requests in our Pray40NK campaign.