Our work is divided into 2 categories:

Refugee Care

Crossing Borders ensures North Korean refugees’ safety, provides spiritual counseling, medical care and issues micro loans. And that's just the beginning.

We connect each refugee with a church to provide them with support and we start churches where there are none.

Our goal is to help each refugee reach their God-given potential. We do this by following one simple rule: Don’t do too much.

Whatever it is they want to do and whoever they want to become, we help them get there. We have found that, when we do too much, refugees become overdependent on our support. Our goal is for each refugee to be able to financially support themselves.

Orphan CARE

We support children whose North Korean mothers have been sent back to North Korea or have abandoned them. We do this in two ways: holistic support or family support.

Through holistic support, we operate homes through which we provide care for all facets of our children’s lives including food, housing, medical care and education.

Through family support, we work with families of these children who are able to take care of them but need help with expenses such as school and medical costs.

The goal of the Orphan Care Program is to provide a means for these children to become self-sufficient adults. Crossing Borders is helping them accomplish this through scholarships, job training and partnering with local businesses.

We also send teams to the region to support these children through counseling, career seminars and relationship building.

Refugee Rescue Fund

You can be a benefactor on the Modern Day Underground Railroad and help refugees get medical assistance, job training or safe transit out of China. You can do this by contributing just $30 dollars a month or more. All participants in this program will receive a semi-annual newsletter on the people in the Refugee Care program.

Give to the
Refugee Rescue Fund


Your contribution of $40 per month or more will provide direct support for the vulnerable children in our network. These funds will pay for the food, shelter, education, transportation and medical needs of the children in our Orphan Care Program.  In return, donors of our Orphan Growth Fund will receive a semi-annual newsletter on the children in the Orphan Growth Fund.

Orphan Growth FUND