Former North Korean defector posts about life in South Korea

Following the recent news of Lim Ji-Hyun’s return to North Korea, the world watched as the household name who had denounced Kim Jong-Un just a few months earlier now spoke out against life in South Korea and urged other defectors to return.

Lim, who now goes by Jon Hye-Song in North Korea, says that she struggled in South Korea – at one time even appearing in a pornographic film to make money.

“I didn’t have a job so I couldn’t earn any money,” she said of her life in the South, “and I drank because I missed home.”

The video was posted on Uriminzokkiri (link), the Youtube channel for the North Korean ministry of inter-Korean relations.

During the 40-minute video responding to allegations of kidnap and torture. Lim said she returned of her own volition and that she was not harmed upon return.

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