Prayer for North Korean Refugees: Protection

We have always known that the work that we do with Crossing Borders involves risk, danger, concerns for both the North Korean refugees we aid and those who help them. Even as our network security is scrutinized regularly for flaws, there are still ways the Chinese or North Korean governments can hack into our systems. Though we take precautions upon precautions, there are always dangers present for our workers and the North Korean refugees we support. We realize that even though each of our workers uses code names and no one knows the location of our missionaries’ homes, there are still ways to find them. None of our Chinese citizen workers has ever heard the name “Crossing Borders,” but there are still ways for them to get into terrible trouble.

No matter how many precautions we take to keep our North Korean refugees, our missionaries and our workers safe, we can never overstate the fact that our work is illegal and there are inherent risks that people take when they step off the plane in China.

It is the prayers of our supporters to God that have ultimately provided our protection. God has, in our every step, made our efforts possible. Some of these stories we have been able to share, most others would compromise the safety of our refugees or field workers. But believe us when we say that there is an army of angels that surely looks after us.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Please continue to lift us up.

Prayer for North Korean Refugees: Laughter Facing Death

When “Joseph” first came to Crossing Borders for help, he was covered in sores. He was a North Korean refugees had just been released from prison in North Korea. It was so crowded there that bodies would cover the concrete floor at night. Inmates would punch him as people jockeyed for position. His body was infected from sleeping on the floor, which people used as their toilets. During the day he would get beaten by the guards. Seven years ago, Joseph shared a meal with our Crossing Borders staff members. And as he shared about the difficulty of being a North Korean refugee in China and the horrendous conditions of his incarceration in North Korea, Joseph said, “I’ve never laughed as much in my life as I did in prison.”

“If you don’t laugh, you’ll die,” he said.

Joseph became a believer when he first made the dangerous journey to China. He had the fortune of hearing the gospel through missionaries who ministered to him. It was after becoming a believer that he decided to return to North Korea , as a North Korean refugee, to see his siblings. It was in this journey that Joseph was sent to prison.

We have seen it many times, the incredible unflappability of North Korean refugees in the direst of circumstances, especially among those who believe. This is surely a testament to the superhuman strength promised in the Bible when believers experience “trials of many kinds.”

As you pray with Crossing Borders for North Korean refugees and their children this week, let’s pray for strength. As North Koreans continue to suffering at the hands of a regime who does not care for them, as many still lie hopeless in prison, as the church is still being persecuted, please pray for an unshakeable strength that comes from the Lord.